The Redux Project

The Redux Project is an ongoing series of inexpensive cinematic approximations that both celebrate and subvert the cultural heritage of the places it visits.

Filmed in original locations, and starring local participants, artist Richard DeDomenici shoots on a furious schedule, with little more than a cheap camera and quick wits.

Edited on-site, DeDomenici screens his mini-masterpieces within days of being filmed, alongside the originals at a local premiere show, which often sells out.

Richard has made over 80 Reduxes around the world since 2013, including 10 on live television, with organisations including the National Theatre, Southbank Centre, West Kowloon Cultural District and Sydney Festival.

The Redux Project is a comment on, and contribution to, the increasingly derivative nature of mainstream cinema. The project both celebrates and subverts the cinematic heritage of the places it visits, showcasing the latest cheap technology to show that old moviemaking hierarchies need no longer exist.

Richard usually works with non-professional participants, and often casts against type, in an attempt to highlight inequality. 

Programmers and audiences have embraced the project because it's site- specific, participatory and inexpensive.

As his Reduxes get longer and more ambitious, Richard’s counterfeits are becoming increasingly indistinguishable from the originals.

Ultimately DeDomenici hopes that by making fake versions of things that are themselves inherently fake, we’ll somehow arrive at a greater truth.

The next Reduxes will take place in Cambridge this spring. 

Richard hopes to one day bring the project to Hamburg. 

'DeDomenici is an unflagging whirl of energy and organisation. His unfailing eye for detail is only matched by speed and politeness. His work stands out because it eerily mirrors scenes made for millions by hundreds of people.’ 

Sydney Morning Herald


Filmed on the corner of Pitt Street and Martin Place in Sydney on the morning of Sunday the 12th of January 2014, and premiered the following Saturday at Carriageworks as part of the Sydney Festival.

Starring Irving Gregory, Jackson Davis, Emma-Maye Gibson and introducing Xanthe Crittenden. With Alex Dillon, Alex Moyse, Alison Murphy-Oates, Bec Dean, Carly Young, Chris Broadribb, Demetra Proestos, Dominique Broomes, Emma McManus, Eva Stendahl, Jason Dullow, Jazz Twemlow, John Oates, Khanh Trieu, Kylie Harris, Mary-Ann Murphy, May Trixx, Malcolm Whittaker, Oliver Harris, Rachael Brown, Sam Parsons, Simon Keefe, Tanja Farman and Tulleah Pearce Costumes Dave Molloy, Strand Hatters, Sophie Schirmer, Steve Howarth

Pigeons on sticks: Tulleah Pearce

Holding the Ladder: Emma Bedford

With thanks to Michael Abbott and Melanie Penicka-Smith, Outdoor Events, The City of Sydney Council, GALLERY 4A, Positive Feedback, Top Australian Wines, Carriageworks, Performance Space and Sydney Festival 2014 With apologies to The Wachowskis, Keanu Reeves, Laurence Fishburne and Hugo Weaving COMING SOON: GRAVITY Directed by Richard DeDomenici Produced by Performance Space