Are you looking for a new series to watch? We have selected a number of first episodes from a large selection of bingeworthy series on UNREALITY TV for your viewing pleasure. 

The first first episode is from New Media Socialism's latest series "L.S.D. - League for Spiritual Defense". The anti-colonial fairytale mini-series tells the story of what happens when the spiritually talented Tayé calls upon spirits - a digital Djinn and a double-headed demon - to take on institutions such as immigration authorities or Deutsche Bank. 

The second first episode is from good cop bad cops's "phantom rides", an episodic series of unrehearsed reimaginings of the lost films of pioneering Wales-based filmmaker William Hagger - all filmed in one take on location in the Welsh mountainside. 

The third first episode is from Daniel Möring's "Ports". It takes us right into an unspecified future where we follow the human inhabitants of a world in which humans no longer seem to be in charge. 

And finally, the first episode of's "Exit Ghost": A dramaturg is the last person left in the old adminsitrative building of Augsburg's theatre, everyone else has already been relocated. But is he really alone? The three episodes of the third season of "Exit Ghost" will have their online premiere soon.

And if you are looking for more series to watch, check the "Bingeworty" section under Genre here on UNREALITY TV. Enjoy!