momentum III – How to live because of love?” | Andrea Pagnes in conversation with Franko B


Momentum depends on the frame of reference.

In any inertial frame, it is a constant quality.

If a closed system is not affected by external forces,

its total linear momentum does not change.

​In this series of videos, VestAndPage host conversations under existential focus with inspiring people from the arts, culture and science. In the form of shared contemplations, these dialogues search not to battle through opinions, but to raise crucial questions on our contemporaneity. The dialogues aspire to not accept any answer as ultimate, to allow for uncertainty, and to converge on a common ground in which shared knowledge is the fundament for continuous queries. Essential questions on existential concerns dig into the place of action in daily life. They touch subjects of humanity such as time, care, dualisms, love, transformation, consciousness, conflict, nature, and art. These encounters consist of people sharing their visions through unconventional, critical and divergent creative thinking, inspecting and dissecting contemporaneity while caring for humanity. 

A VestAndPage production 2021

In collaboration with Venice International Performance Art Week and EntrAxis e.V.

momentum III – How to live because of love?” | Andrea Pagnes in conversation with Franko B

In our third conversation of the "momentum" series, "How to live because of love?", artist and author Andrea Pagnes (VestAndPage) talks with Italian artist Franko B about that which constitutes and springs out of love and hope. They look into the poetic qualities of vulnerability as the source of artistic and personal integrity. They speak about the function of art as a language to place dissent and resistance. They question violence and its artistic symbolism, precisely that one concerning their Italian cultural background, and inquire into the quest for freedom and our failures that accompany it.

Franko B makes performances, drawings, installations and sculptures. Since 1979, he lives and works in London. He is Professor of Sculpture at l'Accademia Albertina di Belle Arti di Torino, and a visiting lecturer at the Royal College of Art in London. Franko is an artist who doesn't separate life from practice, with his work situated somewhere between isolation and seduction, kind-heartedness and confrontation, suffering and eroticism, punk and poetry. His concern is to make the unbearable bearable and provoke the viewers to reconsider their understanding of beauty and suffering. He uses his body as a metaphor for social struggle, where the personal becomes political and structures his unique poetics. Projecting the confluence of love and pain, Franko B demonstrates that the characteristics and critical events that compose the essentials of human existence can be reformed, that is, the human condition.

Welcome to the momentum of April 25, 2021.