L.S.D.  – Let's Get Political (Episode 4)

L.S.D. – League for Spiritual Defense

It's a kind of magic... The anti-colonial, fairytale mini-series tells the adventurous founding of the "League for Spiritual Defense" (L.S.D.). The spiritually talented but money-strapped Tayé (Wasiu Oyegoke) calls upon spirits to solve his problems with the immigration authorities. The digital Djinn (Moaeed Shekhane) and the double-headed demon (Jesseline Preach/Don Jesgosah) get to work: one of them changes all the data at the immigration office and ensures redistribution at Deutsche Bank; the double-headed demon turns racists into upright anti-fascists in the blink of an eye. Everything could be so beautiful and more and more clients seek Tayé's magical help. However, the activities do not go unnoticed: Lothar von Trotha's Herrenmenschen spirit feels disturbed and wants to strike back. But that is another story...

From/with New Media Socialism: Abou, Anas, Bakz, Bernie, Chris, Daniel, Danny, Diana, Don, Gotta, Henry, Ibrahima, Jess, Judith, Johanna, Larry, Linda, Musti, Mo, Nadine, Pedro, Stefan, Timothy, Vivi, Wasiu