good cop bad cop

good cop bad cop

Formed in Cardiff in 1996 good cop bad cop is the creative partnership of John Rowley and Richard Huw Morgan.

good cop bad cop aim to create new forms of, and contexts for, performance, from the 15 minute improvisation on other peoples sets to a Wales-wide, globally-broadcast, alternative vocal talents search, to a weekly arts radio programme. These are ideas constructed in "the real world" without the safety net of established form or specific audiences, for the "Imagined Communities" of a future Wales, within a wider global dialogue for how such concepts as nation, cultural practice and community are considered. 

Our works are performances of irrevocable acts and creative engagement with the consequences. Radically unfinished, what unfolds is never fixed, it began long before you arrived and will end long after you leave. A field of items and activities, the notion of "finished" is absurd, decay is's building site is tomorrow's demolition project.

Works are made for both deliberately attending audiences and those that might encounter them 'en passant