International Shore Connection

International Shore Connection

There are many songs about adventures at sea. However, they don‘t usually talk about seafaring today – about container ships, about global trade, about too little time on shore, and so on.

The International Seamen’s Club Duckdalben in Hamburg Harbour is visited by hundreds of seafarers every day. We asked the seafarers there what words they would like to hear in a contemporary seafarers’ song. They talked about hard work, about their loneliness at sea, about their desires and fears, about their families and about friendship. Their answers are the lyrics to the song “International Shore Connection”.

The music video is done in a karaoke style as karaoke is one of the most popular activities among the seafarers at the club. The video assembles photographs that the seafarers took on their journeys across the globe and kindly gave us. The song and the video document the seafarers‘ journeys and their work today.

Concept and Video: geheimagentur
Music: Knarf Rellöm & Ronnie Henseler
Vocals: Knarf Rellöm