Online Premiere: Traumfabrik

Online Premiere: Traumfabrik

UNREALITY TV presents the online premiere of geheimagentur's film TRAUMFABRIK.

Freiburg dreams. You dream. We dream. Everybody dreams. Everybody dreams - alone. Every night. Countless simultaneous dreams. Most are forgotten or never told. But this time, the dreams will not fall into oblivion, no: they will come true, if only for this film: Traumfabrik.

In May 2022, geheimagentur (secret agency) opened the Traumannahmestelle in Freiburg - a place where people could tell them about their dreams: weird dreams, scary dreams, funny dreams, beautiful dreams, pipe dreams, nightmares, old dreams and new dreams, dreams about dreams.

Then, secret agency selected some of these dreams and, over 10 days in July 2022, made a film based on them. Some people chose to star in their own dreams, some were portrayed by actors of Theater Freiburg. Dream on!