Joy Harder

Joy Harder

Joy Harder (M.A.), born in Hamburg in 1981, is a freelance performance and visual artist and teacher for Theatre and German Literature.
She also works as production manager, dramaturgical advisor and designer of ideas.

Joy Harder studied Journalism, Theatre Studies and New German Literature at the Freie Universität Berlin and Theatre Design at the University of Glasgow and completed her teaching degree for secondary schools in Hamburg in 2021.

She creates performances, (video) installations and interventions, mostly in the context of interdisciplinary research and collaborative performance art projects. Her work focuses on UNFUG, on DEATH and on processes of (re-)animation.

She is a founding member i.a. of the performance duo Harder&Schultz, The Reduction Group and the H(a)H(a) Theaterstrammtisch der Zukunft.

Joy Harder lives and works in Hamburg/D.

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Joy Harder